Wednesday, 5 August 2009

My little Odyssee resumée

Almost a month later, I'm back here to tell you guys how my homecoming was:

I've got well back though it took me much longer than expected (28 hours!). One of the inland flights had problems in getting to my city because of a big storm (the plane tried to land many times, but every time it was so much shaken that I thought I would die! Only lots of prayers made me calm down and somehow calm down the flight, too!!!) and we end up in another city having to wait for some hours till we could go further.

The 1st week back home I visited many places, visited my granddad who had a heart attack some weeks before I left England and who needed special attention, met some relatives, went to a wedding party and had to go on with some culture shocks. It took me a while till I could talk with people without getting annoyed because of how loud they spoke or how unpolite they were. Actually they were just being themselves and talking normally. :P But I can just remember having these really bad headaches for almost a week. Gosh!

Then I've got to the hospital, to the praxis for the next 2 weeks. It was great meeting patients and treating them, but I noticed that I have lots to study, lots of stuff that I forgot and that needs to be recovered.

This last week I spent at home 'cause people here are so concerned about the "swine virus" that unis and schools have been closed, alcohol gel has been put out in all places and some people are even using mascs. People are talking about pandemic and I've heared already some really freaking theories! I hope it doesn't last long.

Today I've got an invitation to start giving English classes in a private course at a nearby city. Let's see how this will work out! :)


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  1. guria, muito obrigada pelo seu comentário! não tinha visto a coisa por esse lado ainda (de os dois terem outras coisas pra se preocupar) e foi legal ver por um outro ângulo!
    boa sorte com as aulas de inglês ;)