Friday, 11 December 2009

Dear ones...

... it's really sad I couldn't stand to my promise and write once a month here. :( Time just seem to fly away these last months, specially in these last 3 weeks. And as time goes by I feel more and more like this:

As announced before, I had my paper's presentation in beginning of November, but not the really decisive one - 'twas just a test. I ended up leaving my real presentation for beginning of next year. Why? Well, there was just lack of time to prepare it properly and, more important then all, there was some data missing which I need to add to it as soon as possible.
I really hope I'm gonna manage to have more time to do this stuff next semester. There's still the clinical praxis I need to do, plus some anatomy assistant classes I'd like to give for the new ones. :)

Till there, there's still a hospital praxis week before me and the most wanted holidays ever! :D
I just can't wait to see my beloved one! (Y) It's gonna be mint! It's gonna be great!

Well, besides that I don't really have something new to add.
Oh, yes. Xmas is gonna be @ grandma's and grandpa's, as usual in our family, and New Year I'm meeting my (future) mother-in-law, father-in-law and whoever else I need to meet and know from my fiancée's family. It's gonna be ace and also a little bit frightening - maybe. :)