Monday, 12 July 2010

6 months resume

Pretty much has happened since I last came here:

- I passed through the hospital praxis;

- My fiancée arrived @ the Afonso Pena Airport (in Curitiba) for a month of crazy holidays \o/;

- We spent this time meeting all kind of relatives and friends (mine and his) ^^;

- I had to come back home some days before he got back to Germany 'cause of a bank bill #%&**;

- University started again and with it the clinic praxis;

- I kept track with my fiancée through the good old skype;

- My fam & I moved from our apartment to a nice old haunted house [Y];

- Barbecued and had parties with friends [Y];

- Presented my physiotherapy thesis and got approved [3 times Yay] =)

- Finished clinic praxis, said goodbye to the patients;

- Cheered through the whole worldcup thing. =)

Now I'm enjoying my demi-2-weeks-holidays, during which I'm learning about Acupuncture and Pilates at university (geek!), working at home, and looking for a job. Oh yes, and some time in between preparing myself for the wedding (to be set End of Feb/2011). Oh crazy life!