Monday, 12 July 2010

6 months resume

Pretty much has happened since I last came here:

- I passed through the hospital praxis;

- My fiancée arrived @ the Afonso Pena Airport (in Curitiba) for a month of crazy holidays \o/;

- We spent this time meeting all kind of relatives and friends (mine and his) ^^;

- I had to come back home some days before he got back to Germany 'cause of a bank bill #%&**;

- University started again and with it the clinic praxis;

- I kept track with my fiancée through the good old skype;

- My fam & I moved from our apartment to a nice old haunted house [Y];

- Barbecued and had parties with friends [Y];

- Presented my physiotherapy thesis and got approved [3 times Yay] =)

- Finished clinic praxis, said goodbye to the patients;

- Cheered through the whole worldcup thing. =)

Now I'm enjoying my demi-2-weeks-holidays, during which I'm learning about Acupuncture and Pilates at university (geek!), working at home, and looking for a job. Oh yes, and some time in between preparing myself for the wedding (to be set End of Feb/2011). Oh crazy life!

Friday, 11 December 2009

Dear ones...

... it's really sad I couldn't stand to my promise and write once a month here. :( Time just seem to fly away these last months, specially in these last 3 weeks. And as time goes by I feel more and more like this:

As announced before, I had my paper's presentation in beginning of November, but not the really decisive one - 'twas just a test. I ended up leaving my real presentation for beginning of next year. Why? Well, there was just lack of time to prepare it properly and, more important then all, there was some data missing which I need to add to it as soon as possible.
I really hope I'm gonna manage to have more time to do this stuff next semester. There's still the clinical praxis I need to do, plus some anatomy assistant classes I'd like to give for the new ones. :)

Till there, there's still a hospital praxis week before me and the most wanted holidays ever! :D
I just can't wait to see my beloved one! (Y) It's gonna be mint! It's gonna be great!

Well, besides that I don't really have something new to add.
Oh, yes. Xmas is gonna be @ grandma's and grandpa's, as usual in our family, and New Year I'm meeting my (future) mother-in-law, father-in-law and whoever else I need to meet and know from my fiancée's family. It's gonna be ace and also a little bit frightening - maybe. :)


Saturday, 17 October 2009

Report port port :P

Shame on me! It seems like ages that I haven't been here! Well, and it surely is (at least lots of months!). This way, noone can keep track, tsts. I promise to better myself in this matter! I'm gonna come once a month at least to say something, ok?!

Barigui park, the park near my house , with capivara (this
animal in front of the water) and buildings in the back

I'm fine, doing my university studies and trying to keep up with everything.
The praxis at the hospital takes lots of time, so I ended up not doing that job. Now I see that it was a wise decision, but at the time I decided that it almost cut my heart! I really love to teach, from small on, and speaking languages seem to be so much more fun and easy than studying the human body!

Not that I don't like the choice I've made when I started doing the Physical Therapy course at university! It's just that's much harder to get all the informations I need to take care of a patient. And this challenge sort of makes me love the course. I know, it's controversial, but what can I do? Human beings usually love what's harder to achieve.

Picture to the left: Paraná museum yard with two Araucárias in front of it (an Araucária is a beautiful pine tree, only seen in this state and for whom we are proud)

Picture down: Largo da ordem, the historical centre of Curitiba and old town market place, where on Sunday mornings we still have a nice handicraft market

My parents are now for 5 or 6 years looking for the perfect house to live in Curitiba. They finally seem to have found the perfect one, but there are lots of burocracy and other people interested in buying it. For us, it would be perfect because dad would have his space for the books (we have an apartment library instead of an apartment right now!), mum would have the whole crew together again (at least for some time (:) and we would finally eat all together in the same table again. I hope this situation can be cleared till end of the year. Would be ace to move into a new home in the beginning of the year!

Yesterday I've started to go to one of the small groups that we have at church. I used to go to them before, but it's now a completely different group, though I know good part of the people that are in them. We talked about Revelation 7 and had a quite good discussion about end of times and how the heaven might be. I specially liked an explanation that one of the girls said about heaven being like a baby in the womb of a woman. It is nurtured by her own mother, it doesn't need anything else than just staying in there in the grace of being caried safefully. (:

And what's so still happening with me this year: My paper presentation is in 3 weeks, lots but really lots of studies to do for uni and the visit of my fiancée to Brasil in December/January. Yay!


Wednesday, 5 August 2009

My little Odyssee resumée

Almost a month later, I'm back here to tell you guys how my homecoming was:

I've got well back though it took me much longer than expected (28 hours!). One of the inland flights had problems in getting to my city because of a big storm (the plane tried to land many times, but every time it was so much shaken that I thought I would die! Only lots of prayers made me calm down and somehow calm down the flight, too!!!) and we end up in another city having to wait for some hours till we could go further.

The 1st week back home I visited many places, visited my granddad who had a heart attack some weeks before I left England and who needed special attention, met some relatives, went to a wedding party and had to go on with some culture shocks. It took me a while till I could talk with people without getting annoyed because of how loud they spoke or how unpolite they were. Actually they were just being themselves and talking normally. :P But I can just remember having these really bad headaches for almost a week. Gosh!

Then I've got to the hospital, to the praxis for the next 2 weeks. It was great meeting patients and treating them, but I noticed that I have lots to study, lots of stuff that I forgot and that needs to be recovered.

This last week I spent at home 'cause people here are so concerned about the "swine virus" that unis and schools have been closed, alcohol gel has been put out in all places and some people are even using mascs. People are talking about pandemic and I've heared already some really freaking theories! I hope it doesn't last long.

Today I've got an invitation to start giving English classes in a private course at a nearby city. Let's see how this will work out! :)


Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Hi guys!
I just started this blog while I should actually be sleeping, but I've got so excited that I just had to do it!
I've spent a really nice day here at Elisabet's house in Hamar, Norway, and met really very nice people. I'm so excited that I haven't had time for feeling homesickness, just really missing people from Carlisle, in England.
Well, I hope you guys enjoy this blog as I'm doing it with lots of love.
Hugs, Ana.